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The mission of the KMGBC is to teach fundamental, sound basketball skills in a safe and positive atmosphere and at the same time encouraging players to confident and conduct themselves with integrity and respect, in order to represent the Kettle Moraine Community in a positive manner.  It is the goal of the club to serve the community by developing prepared athletes who will be an asset to the high school program and the community.  We work closely with the Kettle Moraine High School coaching staff to develop and prepare our players for the KM High School program.


2021/2022 Lake Country Girls Basketball Association - Online Registration

This registration link below will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit full $875.00 (per team registered) payment.

Online registration does not confirm participation in the league. Once payment is received and available space is confirmed, the league director will confirm whether all registrations are accepted.

Please contact Luke Zuchowski at or 262-271-7097 for any League questions.

2022 Sweetheart Tournament Registration

Registration Now


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Josh Gasser Skills Clinic

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By Scott Brisk 07/15/2021, 11:15am CDT

KMGBC offers a ton of coaching assistance.  Coach Twet is our High School JV Head coach, and works with our youth coaches.  His door is always open to offering help on drills and skills for your appropriate grade level.  The high school coaches work with our youth coaches to make sure all of our kids will have the skills they need and be ready for when they reach the high school program.  He has over 30 years of experience coaching at a high level to share with you.

We also have an upcoming Josh Gasser Basketball camp, where we want all of our youth head coaches and assistant coaches to attend.  Josh encourages all of the youth coaches to use the drills he runs in his camp in their own team practices. 

I just want everyone to know that you won't be alone in this journey, as the KM board and our high school coaches will be there to help you coach your daughter's teammates through the season.  We will be offering some open gyms in the month of September, where some of our other experienced youth coaches will be there, and they will also be able to offer you advice from their past experiences.  If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out to Jim, and he'll be happy to answer any of your questions.  

We are also looking for team managers.  Someone who can be a liaison between the coach and the parents and help out with team communications and publishing practice, league and tournament schedules on Sportsengine.  We have a ton of resources for that, including some of our board members and myself. 

For both the assistant coaches and team managers, I need you to fill out the Sportsengine application so that I can assign you to the team staff on Sportsengine, which gives you team administrator rights to make changes to your teams schedule.

Thanks again for helping out.  Like the saying goes, "it takes a village".


By Scott Brisk 06/07/2021, 7:30pm CDT

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 KMGBC Scholarships!


  • Madison Day

  • Hannah Gronowski

  • Madalyn Schmidt

  • Trinity Sloan

2021 10,000 Shot Club

By Scott Brisk 05/11/2021, 12:45pm CDT

The 10K Shot Club is a prestigious club of basketball players. These players are willing to separate themselves in commitment and dedication to the game.  These players understand that hard work is essential in achieving goals and being able to reach the highest potential.  

Players completing the 10K Shot Club will be recognized at a KM Girls Varsity basketball game and receive a 10k shot tee shirt.


  • Need to be a Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club Player for the 2021 - 22 season between grades 3 - 8.

  • Must signify your intent to participate by officially registering for the program no later than July 1st.

  • Shot Club runs from June 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021.  All tracking needs to be in by November 3rd.

  • No “Lightning” or “Horse” shots count.

  • Record how many total shots you TAKE each day on the monthly tracking form through Daily Tracking Recording Document in the links column to the right.

  • Submit Monthly Reporting totals using the online form -- NOTE these are due within 1 week of the end of each month!  Parent verification required.

Go to our Website for more information

Welcome New Advisory Board Members

By Scott Brisk 04/08/2021, 3:30pm CDT

We would like to welcome Frank Cuda as the clubs new Secretary, and Marty Vosburg as the clubs new Treasurer.  Both come with a lot of experience and ideas for the club.

We would like to thank Vaughn Torres for her years of service as Secretary, and Corinne Vertz as Treasurer for all the years she served.  It was wonderful working with such a great group of individuals.

Practice Dropoffs

By Scott Brisk 07/16/2020, 12:15pm CDT

The High School has begun posting gym schedules at the Front door and are asking parents to drop off their players and not remain in the building.  This  will begin for today's open gym.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club


The KMGBC is designed to provide girls who reside or attend a school within the KM District the opportunity to participate in a basketball program that has a higher level of skill and competition for a select program.  We encourage and welcome all girls to tryout and teams will be formed at the 3rd - 8th grade levels.

The Club Program’s efforts are ultimately directed at the development of players for a successful high school program. Based on this objective, the Board supports and works directly with the Kettle Moraine High School Girls Basketball Program and the coaches.

We believe that basketball is a fun game, and there is no reason why basketball at this level should be anything but fun. We have expectations of our players and coaches and we are committed to developing our teams and program. However, we will not lose sight of the fact that enjoying ourselves in the process is central to what we’re doing.

We believe that the development of our athletes will be best served with hard work, dedicated coaching, and a positive athletic experience. We look to develop our players on the court with discipline, knowledge of the game and skill development and off the court by promoting positive life experiences, dedication to the community and respect for our families.


Each team will have two scheduled practices a week.  In a select program, the girls are expected to attend each practice.  The intention is to provide skill improvement on an individual level as well as team skills and the ability to work together.

Absences should be shared with the coaching staff so that practice plans can be adjusted accordingly.  

These practices are an essential part of the select program and lead to improvement in league games and tournaments play over the course of a season as the individuals improve and the team learns to play together.


Contact Us Scott Brisk

Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club

Phone: 262-408-1204