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10,000 Shot Club

The 10K Shot Club is a prestigious club of basketball players. These players are willing to separate themselves in commitment and dedication to the game.  These players understand that hard work is essential in achieving goals and being able to reach the highest potential.  

Players completing the 10K Shot Club will be recognized at a KM Girls Varsity basketball game.  Players completing 5K Shots will receive a KM Shot Club T-shirt.


  • Need to be a Kettle Moraine Girls Basketball Club Player for the 2021 - 22 season between grades 3 - 8.
  • Must signify your intent to participate by officially registering for the program no later than July 1st.
  • Shot Club runs from June 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021.  All tracking needs to be in by November 3rd.
  • No “Lightning” or “Horse” shots count.
  • Record how many total shots you TAKE each day on the monthly tracking form through Daily Tracking Recording Document in the links column to the right.
  • Submit monthly reporting totals using the online form located at the right hand of this page -- NOTE these are due within 1 week of the end of each monthParent verification required.


  • Download the KM 10K Shot Workout Routine in the links to the right and use it as a guide.
  • You will get credit for the shots when you are involved in the following:
    • Summer League/AAUGames - 50 shots
    • Open Gym - 250 shots
    • Basketball Camps - 250 shots for each day of camp (unless camp coach indicates otherwise)
    • AAU practice - 150 shots

When specifically working on shooting, use the following tips to help improve your shooting: 

  • The idea is to take 250-300 quality shots every time you practice.
  • Work hard to improve every week.  It will take time.
  • Develop basic shooting fundamentals by doing this form shooting.
  • Mistakes and missed shots are okay as long as you learn from your mistakes. 
  • The best shooters have missed the most shots.
  • Follow your shot. NEVER let the ball bounce twice.
  • Shoot with confidence, concentration, and relaxation.  Believe every shot is going in.


Virtual Shooting Clinic Video

Watch the shooting clinic video before shooting to ensure you are using proper shooting technique.


Marty Vosburg

Phone: 414-418-3641

2018 Club

Grace Grocholski, Katie Brisk, Lola Bond, Josie Gorski, Molly Smiley

2020 Club

Myla Bardon, Keegan Lodes, Quinn Lodes, Elsa Kreitzer

2019 Club

Quinn Vosburg, Jamie Gorski, Katie Brisk, Ava Blau, Haylee Mitchell, Claire Vosburg, Josie Gorski, Quinn Lodes, Riley Vertz, Keegan Lodes

2021 Club